ABOUT ME !!!! >:O3   

my name is clifford,, i also use other names such as ted,, or booger,, and heck any kin names work !!!

my pronouns are he/him,,

like i said my boyfriend has a website here,, so i'm jus kinda mimicing him,, pssh,, uhh we like the same sorta stuff

but i happen to be more interested in the comedy old hollywood kinda stuff,, the only music i listen to is beatles,, sinatra,, other old man music,, and the beastie boys,, 

plus i like my own nostalgic stuff like early 2000s heheh,, not as cool as him but <:O] it's good !!!

jus like mack i use discord and twitter almost exclusively hehe,,

you can find him right here by clicking garfield !!! >>>

here's my twitter right here heheh !!! it's private usually tho hehe,, click pikachu !!! >>>

check it out !! its phil hartman,, my favorite comedian as bill mcneal,, my favorite character of all time !!!

DNI !!!

if ur mean :O( im sensitive !!!

just kidding <:O] that's not the only rule !!!

don't interact if these apply: 

if you're a bigot,, racist,, homophobic,, ableist,, don't support neopronouns or xenogenders,, don't support self diagnosers,,

if you think prounouns = gender,, if you're an overall asshole,, or if you like any modern anime

(noting personal,, just bad experiences),, if u are or support pedos zoos or any kind of creep,, or if you are like,, idk a nazi,, gross,, get off my page,,

in conclusion don't be an asshole !!! 

i'm neurodivergent and i have lots of anxiety,, pls be gentle <:O] and if u can use tone tags !!! lets be friends !!! :OD